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Don’t Miss The Best Times To Buy A Grill

Timing is everything when it comes to getting the best deals.  Turns out, shopping for a new grill is no different.  While grilling season is the most seductive time to get a barbecue, savvy shoppers know that saving big means waiting for the right time to buy. It seems like […]

Are Pellet Grills Worth Buying: Here Are The Facts

More households than ever own pellet grills.  For great tasting meats, they are hard to beat.  But are they really worth the hype?  After all, they don’t come cheap.  An entry level Traeger costs upwards of $500 and as much as $2000. I’ve sampled brisket, ribs, chicken and even turkey […]

Do BBQ Propane Tanks Expire

Are you concerned about how long you can count on the propane tank for your grill? Here’s what you need to know so you can grill safely. The typical 20 pound BBQ propane tank expires 12 years after it is manufactured. The manufacturing date is found stamped on the collar […]