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About Me

From the first hatchet my dad gave to me to the Stihl chainsaw I use today, I’ve loved wood cutting and everything that goes along with it.  There is nothing like soaking up wood heat in winter or staring at the dancing flames of a campfire surrounded by family and friends.  Fire satisfies a primal urge to stay safe and warm while bonding with loved ones.  

For most of my life, cutting wood and building fires has been a big part of what I do.  I’ve learned a lot since I built my first campfire.  Now, I try to learn as much as possible about cutting, stacking and burning wood.  I even love cooking over an open fire and smoking meat in the smoker.  

There are all sorts of tips, tricks and techniques to learn and cool gear to try out.  Follow along with my blog and I promise you’ll be warm and cozy all year.  

Like my father-in-law told me, firewood warms you up three times: when you CUT it, while you STACK it, and then when you BURN it!

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