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How Much Does A BBQ Cost: 9 Grills To Fit Any Budget

Whether you are contemplating the purchase of your first BBQ grill or simply upgrading, you are likely wondering about the cost.  Grills are not all cheap.  Nor are they all of the same caliber and quality.  In some cases, a more expensive grill does equate to better tasting food. But […]

Is It Easier To Split Wet Or Dry Wood: The Real Answer

Honestly, splitting wood is never easy.  Especially, if you are splitting firewood without the benefit of a hydraulic splitter.  However, like any tough job, there is always a way to make it easier.   There are a couple schools of thought on the topic of splitting wood.  Some believe cut […]

The Only Firewood Stacking Guide You’ll Ever Need

Behold the simple stack of firewood.  It’s tempting to think that it is nothing more than a pile of wood destined for the fireplace.  But in reality, that humble stack of firewood represents warmth for your home, entertainment for guests around the fire pit and countless campfire cooking adventures.  In […]

Do Electric Chainsaws Need Bar Oil

Not everyone wants the hassle of a gasoline powered chainsaw.  For those of you with occasional pruning or wood cutting needs, an electric chainsaw fits the bill.   However, while electric chainsaws are quieter and cleaner to operate, they are far from being maintenance free.  Much like their gas powered […]