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Best Way To Haul Firewood: Tricks That Won’t Let You Down

In a perfect world, all firewood would cut and stack itself.  Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world, so all that hard work of cutting wood, stacking and eventually hauling it to the fire, is left to us.

While hauling firewood is anything but easy, there are some tools and techniques that make this chore as easy as it gets.  An arm full of firewood may be the standard way to transport firewood, but there are better ways to get it done.

I certainly got tired of all the back breaking work and started looking for the best ways to haul around firewood.  Whether you are trying to load wood in your truck or simply carrying a bundle of firewood into your home to burn, I will show you the easiest tricks and best tools that won’t let you down.

Best way to carry a small bundle of firewood

For most of us, the daily chore of hauling firewood into the house is a labor of love.  After all, a toasty warm home is worth it, right?  Of course it is.  But there is a better way to carry messy split logs into your home other than one armful at a time.

The best way to haul a small bundle of firewood from the wood stack to the fire is with a log carrier.  Essentially a wide canvas strap with handles, log carriers allow you to move much more than you could with just your arms.  Not to mention, log carriers leave less mess behind as well.

To take it a step further, two log carriers are way better than one.  A single log carrier brimming with split logs is heavy and puts a lot of torque on your body’s core.  Instead, haul two equally packed carriers (one for each hand) to even out the load.

If you only want one log carrier, opt for one with a shoulder strap.  That lets you heft a few more logs without a whole lot of added effort.

3 Best wood carriers you can buy today

Firewood carriers are a must for any home owner that relies on wood heat.  Some are no-frill carriers designed for rugged utility and others are quite stylish and look good next to the hearth.  Here are 3 of the best firewood carriers that are actually worth buying.

1.  Inno Stage Canvas Wood Tote

This wood carrier is top seller for a reason.  Its super durable construction allows it to handle a large load of logs.  Comfortable handles relieve pressure points and the durable, water resistant canvas will last for years.  Fancier wood carriers exist but the Info Stage Canvas Wood Tote has cornered the market on functionality.  It’s my go-to wood carrier and at $25, it’s a heck of a deal.  

2.  Amagabeli Canvas Firewood Carrier 

Yet another top seller, the Amagabeli wood carrier has earned its place.  Whether you’re out camping or carrying wood into your home, this is a wood tote worth having.  With its ergonomic handles, a handsome waxed canvas body and a thoughtful D-ring clasp to hold it all together, Amagabeli got it right with this wood carrier.  Not to mention, at only $18, this is proof that form and function can be had without spending a small fortune.   

3.  MyFirePlaceDirect Log Carrier

Remember how I mentioned the advantage of a shoulder strap on a log carrier?  Well, the MyFirePlaceDirect Log Carrier has one and boy is it much appreciated.  Carrying other wood totes by the handles gets tiring and the added shoulder strap provides relief.  This is a no-frills bag but it does the job while boasting rugged quality and a fully enclosed design to keep messes in the bag and out of your house.  At $26, it is still reasonably priced and worth every penny.

How to carry firewood with a rope

Don’t want to buy a log carrier?  Well, there is a solution for that.  You can fashion your very own log carrier with nothing more than a length of rope and a couple dowels.  Take a look at this video by BuzzFeed Nifty for a simple guide to making your own log carrier.  It’s cheap and effective, so try it out.  

How to easily move lots of firewood

At some point in time, you’ll likely end up moving large quantities of firewood at once.  Whether it’s stacking a newly delivered cord or rotating seasoned wood, the most obvious way to move it is by hand.  However, your back muscles might not be the best tool for the job.  

When most people ask what’s the best way to move a lot of firewood, they probably mean what is the fastest and easiest way.  Your own muscles can certainly do the job but let’s consider some alternatives that work even better.


Wheelbarrows have long be a staple tool for homeowners and they can haul way more than firewood.  You probably have one, so that is one good choice for moving a fair bit of wood around your property.  

Be aware, it’s easy to overload wheelbarrows.  They quickly get top heavy and take some strength to stay balanced.  For that reason, a two wheeled wheelbarrow like the True Temper from Ace Hardware is far superior to the single wheeled variety.


A wagon doesn’t suffer the same short comings like wheelbarrows when it comes to hauling firewood.  However, many wagons lack the strength to handle the abuse of hauling lots of firewood.  Cheap wagons have weak axels and tend to fail when making turns.  

If you opt for a wagon, choose a heaving duty one.  Gorilla Carts, in my opinion, are the best money can buy.  They are rated for absolutely massive loads and I have pushed them to the limits without fail.  A Gorilla Dump Cart is also an option.  Plus, you can get them at most hardware stores like Ace, Lowes and Home Depot.  Amazon sells them as well.

Log Cart 

Anyone who uses a moving dolly to transport heavy stuff will appreciate the utility of a log cart.  These are awesome for hauling lots of firewood and are even better for use around outdoor fire pits.  You can load them up nice and neat and park them near the fire pit.  Super functional for anyone with limited space as well.  The 1900 Earth Worth Log Cart from Amazon is among the best.

Utility Sled

Most fireplaces get a good workout during winter months and hauling wood through snow with a wagon, cart or wheelbarrow is all but impossible.  Enter the sled.  These are by far the most under appreciated firewood movers ever invented.  A durable sled like the Shappell Jet Sled, which you can find on Amazon, is a life saver for winter wood hauling chores.

Garden Tractor and Trailer

For those with large properties where a garden tractor is necessary, you have the best wood hauling tool of all.  Attach a small trailer and you can move firewood all day without even breaking a sweat.  Many trailers have a dump feature that makes life even easier.  Ohio Steel makes a stellar dump cart with enough rigidity to handle large loads of firewood.  For the money, it’s tough to beat but Gorilla carts also work as trailers too.

How to haul firewood out of the woods

Some of us like to source our own firewood right out of the woods.  Inevitably, that entails some seriously hard work.  Whether it is National Forest Land or State Land, hauling firewood out of the woods with the smallest effort possible takes the right tools.

Some forest lands have nicely marked piles of cuttable firewood already dragged onto gravel road landings.  Just drive your truck up to it and start cutting.  However, that is the best case scenario.  More likely, you’ll end up finding downed timber a ways off the road.  

There are a few ways to make this hauling job easier.  

1:  Winch it up to the road.  If you have winch and the know how, you can drag timber right up to the road before you start cutting.  Use caution though.  Winching large logs is dangerous.

2:  Use an ATV with a trailer.  In some forest lands, it might be legal to drive your ATV out into the woods.  You can cut logs in place then transport the rounds back to your truck with your ATV.  Always check land regulations and any cutting restrictions on your firewood permit.

3:  Try a utility sled.  Sleds aren’t just for snow.  Forest ground is almost always soft and uneven.  Your truck is more than likely going to end up stuck if you drive it off the road but a sled can glide right over most terrain.  It might take you a few more trips but when an ATV isn’t available to haul firewood out of the woods, a sled will save the day.

How not to haul firewood out of the woods

Cutting firewood on forest land requires a bit more preparation and skill than cutting up a few trees on your own land.  Among the biggest mistakes novice wood cutters make when hauling firewood out of the woods is getting their truck stuck.

Never drive your truck into the woods off-road unless you are absolutely sure you won’t get stuck.  Especially, without a winch.  It is far better to haul wood from where you cut it to a spot on the road than risk getting stranded.  

Also, keep in mind that driving off-road isn’t legal on some forest lands.  Areas with wood cutting permits usually have set locations and restrictions that dictate where and how you can gather firewood.  


If you want to burn fires, there really is no way around the fact that at some point you’ll need to haul some firewood.  Yet, that doesn’t mean it needs to be any harder than necessary.  Try out some of my tricks and check out the recommended log carriers.  Your back will thank you.